A few extra pounds a few hundred more facial hairs and Leonardo DiCaprio looks like a different dude!

The Great Gatsby actor displayed some less-than-impressive volleyball skills on the beach in Malibu, on Sunday. His hot girlfriend Toni Garnn wasn't much better, but hey, at least they're trying!

Despite recent reports the actor and model, 21, had split, it's obvious they're still going strong.

They're getting in some last-minute together time before Leo's off to film The Revenant. DiCaprio will play a 19th-century fur trapper, opposite Tom Hardy, in the thriller directed by Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu (Amores Perros), based on the novel by Michael Punke. DiCaprio's character vows to get revenge after being left for dead by his companions (Hardy) after a bear attack. Now that's a storyline we haven't heard before!