Getty Images for Paramount International

Megan Fox attended the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles photo call at The Paddington Reservoir in Sydney, Australia on Monday, and as always, she looked amazing. Funny thing was, no one rolled out the red carpet for the glammed-up 28-year-old starlet -- the venue for the photo call was a graffiti-covered alleyway designed to look like something straight from the film's set. I mean, Donatello and company did live in the sewers, so this isn't too far off!

Megan has definitely been flaunting her amazing bod while promoting the action flick, but director Jonathan Liebesman recently revealed that he wanted to keep her hotness factor out of the equation.

"Megan's obviously incredibly sexy, [but] that to me is not what Megan is about," he said at a press conference the other day. "When I met Megan and got to know her, what comes across to me is someone who is much smarter than people give her credit for and that there is literally more to her than meets the eye. That's what I wanted to put into April O'Neil. I wasn't interested in sexualizing her. I wasn’t trying to service fans who look at Megan's Maxim pictures, I was servicing fans who loved Ninja Turtles."

Well, he probably ended up doing some of both, so nice work!