Angelina Jolie was just involved in a near-devastating car crash in LA after the screening of her film Unbroken in Beverly Hills.

The actress was returning home in a chauffeured black SUV when the car, slipping on the wet road, slid into the curb with extreme force, popping TWO tires, almost causing the driver to lose control of the vehicle. It all happened just 30 minutes ago -- around 6:45pm PT. In fact, Jolie is STILL in the car, waiting for another ride.

As the actress-director left the Writers' Guild Theater, her driver took off fairly quickly, headed east and when the car hit the curb, it was bad, according to our eyewitness: "The car slammed into the curb at a significant speed. Angelina must have wondered if they hit another car. It was pretty bad -- the tire exploded and it's amazing nothing worse happened to the car. I wouldn't be surprised if she has whiplash."

Angelina is currently waiting for another car. Stay tuned for updates ... PHOTOS AND VIDEOS COMING SOON!

UPDATE - Angelina was picked up, not by Brad, but by another driver from the same car service. She's on her way home now ...

UPDATE - Angelina got home safe and sound -- but her trusty, 24/7, full-time bodyguard Richard wasn't with her last night. The second he leaves his watch, something goes wrong!