Mother of the year Dina Lohan landed at Los Angeles International Airport last night, and despite the fact that she was a bit jet-lagged, she made time to chat with fans and our X17 photographers about everything from celebs in the news to whether or not she's getting a facelift.

When asked what she would do if she was Amanda Bynes' mom, Dina replied, "I would hug her." We're sure Dina has been following the news, so she has to know that Bynes needs more than just a warm embrace. But maybe she didn't know what else to say? After all, Amanda just threatened to murder her family, so maybe Dina was just trying to keep a low profile...

Dina was also asked about Kim Kardashian's ass-tastic nude Paper Magazine shoot, but rather than slamming the reality TV starlet, she said, "Kim's a friend of ours ... It's cool, love her!"

As you may know, Dina is set to appear on the upcoming season of Millionaire Matchmaker, and when asked whether it's true that she's getting a facelift for the show, she said, "No! I need it, but no!" Dina added, "My mother would kill me!"