Looks like X17's not only about to Keep Up With The Kardashian, but with Scott Disick, too!

We spotted the double-timing baby daddy leaving his new Hollywood Hills bachelor pad late last night, headed out for a spin around town in his Rolls Royce. It's the first time we've seen Scott back in LA after his now-infamous trip to Monaco and France during which time he rubbed his ex-girlfriend Chloe Bartoli's back, drank and partied with her and and her friends, and basically challenged Kourtney to dump his ass publicly.

Kourtney's been keeping it together for the kids -- spending time with her sisters and mom and Mason, Penelope and Reign. The single mom reportedly visited a lawyer's office, on Monday, prepping for a division of assets even though isn't married to Scott's ass.

What's next for the Lord? His own reality show on Bravo? A new girlfriend? More unwanted babies? Geez ...