Sounds like she's had enough of babying her little brother!

In a new interview with People magazine, Khloe Kardashian went off on younger bro Rob for his reclusive ways.

“Rob is such a great guy," Khloe told the mag. "He's charming, charismatic, everything. That's what's so infuriating. I'm like, 'Where is your will to live life? Let's be around people!'"

Still, she tries to be somewhat understanding. "I've been working on my patience," she told People. "I've been really trying. But I have my moments and I do snap. I've offered to get a chef, I'm like, 'What's your excuse?' But it's not just that. I can't win life for Rob. I have to wait until [he's] ready to do it for himself. It’s sad, because he’s only wasting his life more and more."

“Lamar was a father figure for Rob,” Khloe continued. “My dad died when he was 16. Bruce was great, but he was going through his own things that none of us understood at the time. Once Lamar left — and it’s not Lamar’s fault at all — I think Rob didn’t know where to go. He was like, ‘I don’t have guidance anymore.’”

As previously reported, Khloe is still with NBA stud James Harden. “I love Lamar, and I’ll always be there for him like I promised…[the divorce dismissal] does not mean I’m back with Lamar," she clarified. "It’s not even in our brains to think about us having a relationship. Only time will tell. There is a very long road ahead of him, and he has to walk that road by himself. But I’ll be there supporting him every step of the way.”