Good lawd!

I never thought we'd get pix of the human Ken doll, Rodrigo Alves, but we actually did!

The plastic surgery addict touched down at LAX today in ripped skinnies, a turtleneck (to hide the neck scars) and faux Hermes belt and knock-of Louis Vuitton luggage and ... we love it!

After his 51st plastic surgery procedure to morph himself into the perfect male specimen, Alves is in LA to celebrate his new look and likely, to appear on a few talk shows and work a reality show deal.

The 33-year-old recently had C02 resurfacing which removes layer of skin with a carbon dioxide laser; he had to stay indoors for five days as he couldn't go in sunlight. He's spent over $400,000 on cosmetic procedures. Alves said of his most recent procedure: "Three days after I had the c02 resurfacing done, my face started peeling off in big lumps and I couldn't go out into the sunlight, so that was hard."

Being this pretty ain't easy, people! He says he like the look, though, and he'll re-do the procedure again in six months. In the meantime, the internet sensation has gained a few pounds after being required to stay home, inside, after his latest surgery: "People have been commenting on recent pictures, saying my clothes are too tight. It's not the clothes that are the problem, it's me. I'm fat. My metabolism has slowed down so I'm really struggling with the weight. If I can't lose it I'm having lipo, but I am considering going to the gym."

Uh, yeah ...