We can't believe this is what the world has come to...

"Cash Me Outside" girl Danielle Bregoli grabbed lunch in West Hollywood yesterday, and when she noticed cameras were following her, she did what anyone enjoying 15 minutes of fame would do and began striking poses. It pains us to even give her attention!

The 14-year-old viral celebrity knows the way to stay in the news is to attach yourself to someone more famous, which is probably the reason she's decided to start a feud with David Spade... yes, you read that right. The actor ran into the Dr. Phil guest somewhere in Tinseltown and couldn't help but throw shade.

"How bow dis. (@bhadbhabie is slightly underwhelmed to meet me). Unfortunately, she stopped being famous 5 minutes before this was taken," he captioned an Instagram photo of the pair.

That's when the teenage brat retaliated! "No lie, I thought dis guy was the waiter," she shot back. Just for some perspective, she has 9.5 million followers compared to David's 786,0000.

We hate this phrase, but we can't even!

No lie, I thought dis guy was the waiter

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