Perhaps they attended a princess party?

Megan Fox hit the mall in Malibu with sons Noah and Bodhi yesterday, and the little boys were clad in frilly dresses. While we're all for allowing your kids to grow up without gender stereotypes, it does catch people's attention. "Why on earth has Megan Fox dressed her sons up as girls with long hair and pink dresses on!! What a weirdo," one Twitter user wrote. We have a feeling they must have come from a playdate or something!

Motherhood has transformed the actress' whole life, and she wouldn't have it any different!

"It has definitely changed me as a person in every possible way... it changed the way that I think about human life and spirituality, because I feel as if I have known these souls before and I have lived with them in past lives. It has sent me off on a spiritual quest," she said in the past.

She's not a normal mom, she's a cool mom!