They couldn't wait to get home!

Kristen Stewart and girlfriend Stella Maxwell enjoyed an impromptu make out session in the car after a romantic dinner date in Malibu yesterday, and it looks like the couple's relationship is going from strength to strength. In fact, rumor has it the actress is eager to tie the knot with the Victoria's Secret model.

“They’ve been talking about an engagement for a while. Kristen doesn’t want this relationship going the way of her other messy romances. It’s typically impulsive on her part, but she insists Stella is the love of her life and she wants to lock her down. She may come off confident, but deep down, Kristen’s actually pretty insecure," a source dished to OK! magazine.

Her ex-boyfriend Robert Pattinson, however, is definitely not in a rush to walk down the aisle, given that he just called it off with fiancee FKA Twigs. His Twilight co-star ex allegedly feels sorry for her ex and his difficulties in the love department.

"Kristen feels terrible that Rob may be struggling in anyway. If Rob is really going through heartache with FKA then Kristen is sad that he could be suffering yet another tough breakup. Rob has a very special place in Kristen‘s heart and all she wants is for him to be happy. Kristen and Rob don’t really talk much anymore, so she doesn’t know what he’s going through right now, but she hopes he’s happy," a source told Hollywood Life.

"No matter what, Kristen will always love Rob and wants him to find joy in life. If that’s with FKA then great, but if not, she hopes he finds someone who treats him well cause he is a great guy," the source added.

Dipping in the lady pond was the best thing K-Stew ever did!