Yes, MTV EMAs hostess with the mostess Rita Ora wore a towel on her head and a robe on the red carpet Sunday afternoon at the Europe Music Awards. Yes, Kesha wore a rainbow-sequined cape suit. Yes, Jared Leto wore normcore white sneakers with a pink tux adorned with a fake flower. And yes, diva Liam Payne did a wardrobe change to show off two not-so-hot looks on the red carpet. Whew! That's a lot! And there's more ...

Hailey Baldwin displayed her suuuuuper sexy, long legs; Demi Lovato showed some serious chest and Madison Beer lifted and squeezed her cleavage for a daring look. All in all, it was what you'd expect of an MTV event, but now on to who won ...

Shawn Mendes was the biggest winner of the evening and when fans BEGGED him to perform his hit "There's Nothing Holding Me Back," he obliged. The big surprise of the night was Beyonce's absence -- her new super-star collab with Eminem, "Walk On Water," picked up a prize and only Em was there; Bey was MIA.

Travis Scott rapped "Butterfly Effect" from the top of a mechanical flying bird:

Camila Cabello did a crazy-ass performance of "Havana" that made it appear her dancers were actually synchronized swimmers on stage:

Winning the prize for MOST AWKWARD moment of the night was UK comedian Grindah's play on Jared Leto, calling him Jay Leno. You've gotta see this exchange to believe it ... we think Jared recovered pretty well:

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