Why the rotten mood, K-Stew?!

Kristen Stewart gave the middle finger to photographers after her dinner date with girlfriend Stella Maxwell at Nobu on Wednesday, and it's nice to see that some things never change, like her sour puss attitude!

The couple has been going strong for over a year, and rumor has it the Twilight star is eager to make things official.

"They’ve been talking about an engagement for a while. Kristen doesn’t want this relationship going the way of her other messy romances. It’s typically impulsive on her part, but she insists Stella is the love of her life and she wants to lock her down. She may come off confident, but deep down, Kristen’s actually pretty insecure," a source dished to OK! magazine.

It feels like forever ago that Kristen was dating Robert Pattinson and Stella was canoodling with Miley Cyrus!