I thought about killing you

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She looks like a robot to us!

Kim Kardashian shared this selfie today, and fans couldn't believe how much she looked like Megan Fox with these blue colored contacts. "I thought about killing you," she captioned the snapshot, in reference to the title of one of Kanye's new songs.

Is it really a good idea for Kimmy K and 'Ye to be glamorizing this stuff, in the wake of all these school shootings and teen suicides? We get that the rapper is trying to bring attention to mental illness and his own bipolar diagnosis, but perhaps these things aren't meant to simply get likes on social media?

"The most beautiful thoughts are always besides the darkest. Today I seriously thought about killing you I contemplated, premeditated murder, And I think about killing myself, And I love myself way more than I love you, so, Today I thought about killing you, premeditated murder," one of the verses in his tune goes.

Her posts are getting so ridiculous lately, even fellow celebrities can't help but poke fun at her! Actor Colton Haynes did his best version of her recent Yeezy promo post, and it's classic!

Like butter. #Butter350's #yeezy

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