This is one of the many reason we love Justin Bieber -- he has no problem addressing the paparazzi, talking to them like human beings, and being just plain cool.

As Biebs left his favorite cafe yesterday, he first stopped to chat with a family and play with their kids, then he talked to a dude parked next to him with two dogs in a stroller (ADORABLE!) and then he had a last-minute spark of inspiration to school the paparazzi on how to do their job. His ground rules are "Be professional" and "Don't ask me how my day is." He don't want the mundane questions and the fake interaction -- he just wants photographers and videographers to stand back and document -- to do their jobs, but not to be interviewers or to try to become part of the story.

Hmmm ... noted, Justin, but we do like getting a few questions in now and then and you have been super-cool in answering our questions a lot of the time. But we totally get that you're just not into it all the time. Ahhh, the price of fame! Is it worth it?

Check out the full video below ...