We all thought it was fake, but ... Jake Paul and Tana Mongeau actually tied the knot! The "couple" exchanged vows in Las Vegas on Sunday, to a crowd of friends and family and fans who paid $50 to watch the big event livestreamed. So authentic, right?!

Just a month after getting engaged, the YouTubers staged a huge extravaganza at the famed Graffiti Mansion. And as Paul went in for the kill kiss, a wedding guest threw a glass of Champagne ON the couple. Wow, theatrics! The PPV audience had to get their money's worth! Jake responded with a "What the F, bro?!" Jake and the crowd went in on the culprit while brother Logan stood by looking snarkily at the whole fiasco. Finally things got under control and the two were able to finish the wedding with their officiant Armani presiding.

Tana wore three horrendous bridal dresses -- from a huge, full-skirt get-up to a tight sequinned number for the reception at ... Sugar Factory. Jake, meanwhile, wore a gangsta look complete with a Panama hat and a Dior crossbody satchel. He carried an umbrella (didn't anybody tell him it's supposed to be a cane, not an umbrella?!).

Jake's bro Paul said of the nuptials, "I give it a month,” he told reporters outside the reception. “It seems a bit hasty, in my opinion. It seems a bit preemptive, as one might say."

The pair have milked their engagement and wedding for all it's worth ... even the day before the wedding they were attempting to give fans a cliffhanger ... would the wedding really happen?

But Tana then posted a love vlog to her future hubby, confirming to fans they were actually gonna go through with it ...

Now get ready for married-life vlogs for at least a few months and then ... divorce proceedings!