We had a rare sighting of Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green with their three kids over the weekend -- eating out for lunch at the Calabasas Commons in Kardashianville. Brian carried little Journey, 2, down the long staircase to the car while Bodhi, 5, and Noah, 6, held mom's hand.

There has been much attention on Noah -- the beautiful, now blonde, oldest boy. He's been photographed wearing dresses and while some people have questioned and even criticized Megan's choice to "allow" him to dress that way, the majority of people have celebrated her choices. True to form, Noah wore pink leggings and pink shoes on Saturday -- if one is to construe that as "feminine," then so be it.

Meg has spoken very clearly about how she and Brian raise their kids -- specifically their choices regarding Noah. Fox said she knew even before he was born that he was different: "When I became pregnant with Noah, I could feel, through my mother’s intuition I suppose, that he was not subscribing to gender stereotypes, so I decided to provide an environment for him early on that would allow him to discover how he wanted to express himself," she has said.

She goes on to explain why parents shouldn't push their kids in any one direction based on gender expectations: "If a boy loves princesses and a girl loves baseball, that’s not indicative of their sexuality. It’s indicative of their communication and creative expression. We can’t limit children by telling them how they should play."

Noah has dressed in a Snow White costume, a princess dress, a fairy costume and was a cheerleader for Halloween, dressed in a short skirt in a pic Megan posted to social media. We also snapped him with pink hair last month. Let it be, she says! And we say, hell yeah! She's SO right. Check out this poignant statement she made about raising these little ones ... "It’s not our job to shape them into the people we think they should be. It’s our job to receive, with grace, the lessons they bring us." Amen!