The New York Times may have messed up in their recent story about the Taylor Swift-Scooter Braun feud and how is allegedly cost Braun social media followers because ... it didn't.

The Times' story, published yesterday, claims Scooter had just over 3 million Instagram followers but that the number was dropping since T-Swiz called out the uber-manager for buying her music catalog out from under her as a "bullying" tactic.

Thing is, Scooter still has 3.1M followers on Instagram -- he didn't lose any. And Taylor still has a whopping 119 million -- hey, she's a superstar, Scooter's a behind-the-scenes guy. So all is well in non-IRL world. Well, #WeStandWithTaylor was trending yesterday, but today it's been eclipsed by the Colin Kaepernick/Nike/Betsy Ross news (look it up). So our attention span is fleeting and apparently no one cares about unfollowing Scooter Braun today on Tuesday, July 2, 2019.

So back to the T-Swiz/Scooter dramz ... we asked Nicole Scherzinger about it yesterday and here's what she said ...