We're not bringing you coverage of the ENTIRE MTV VMAs red carpet -- really just one thing in particular. We say one thing -- as in the Hadid sisters. Taylor Swift, in the above photo, is really just for comparison purposes, but the story's not really about her ...

The Hadid sisters were every man's fantasy last night at the Newark-based awards show, hot sisters holding hands, both in super sexy, matching outfits. Whatever stylist did this to them is either a genius of complicit in putting these ladies at risk of some kinda Jeffrey Epstein monster. Sorry, politically-incorrect but true.

Bella was looking super bella in a see-through bandeau with a weird halter/suspender thing that ran through the ruching on her see-through skirt. With her skinny, supermodel bod, her nude PVC heels, and that fierce cat-eye it's like the sexiest thing we've seen since Jennifer Lopez in Versace!

Next up is her sis Gigi, pairing menswear trousers in a shiny satin, with a matching gold bustier (bustiers are coming back, y'all -- take note from Gigi and Hailey!), a few stacked gold chains and her long blonde hair in a wet 80's style. Almost as hot as her younger sis, but not quite.

And then there's Taylor ... her shoulder-padded sequined blazer as a dress look with thigh-high boots is a little played out, people -- we've been doing this for years. She's adorable and we wish her all the best :)