We all know about the beef between Taylor Swift and Scooter Braun, who's also Justin Bieber's manager ... she's pissed because he bought her catalog of music and she says he's always bullied her and that owning her music is another way for him to bully her.

Fast-forward to today as Justin Bieber is carrying the torch, mocking a recent viral video of Swift as she recovered from Lasik eye surgery. Supposedly Tay's mom did video of the singer with her Lasik post-surgery goggles on, trying to eat a banana, high on pain meds and gave it to Jimmy Fallon to broadcast on his show.

Of course Taylor won points for making fun of herself, the video went super-viral and now Justin has to weigh in. Some fans say he's just mocking TSwiz like everyone else is, some say he's playing into Scooter's supposed bullying. Whatever the case, Hailey filmed it for the world to see!