Jake Paul's hype team is in full force as the YouTuber/Influencer dances with a sea of fans during a meet and greet session in Bellflower, CA. Paul's rally included several influencer friends on bullhorns and over 50 young fans for the launch of his latest endeavor, the Financial Freedom Movement (FFM). Paul says FFM will teach the next generation the life skills required to secure their future from a financial standpoint -- without the need for college.

Critics of the movement are bashing Paul for charging $20 per month for online seminars on brand building and influencer training, claiming it's merely a movement for kids who don't want to go to college.

In additional to his new endeavor, which some are calling a scam, Paul caught heat on social media after tweeting, "Remember anxiety is created by you. Sometimes you gotta let life play out and remind yourself to be happy & that the answers will come". Paul has since deleted the tweet, but not after fans teed off on him for sharing his "advice".