Ben Affleck and girlfriend Ana de Armas have been using quarantine to their advantage! The couple have allowed themselves to become VERY close with one another since entering lockdown amid the coronavirus pandemic. Now they're nearly inseparable!

On Monday, Ben was seen giving his 32-year-old girlfriend a thrill by cruising around town on his sexy Harley-Davidson motorcycle. Ana seemed to be loving the joyride as she placed her hands on Ben's thighs during their afternoon adventure. As Ben picked up speed, Ana wrapped her arms around Ben tightly for better support. The couple are even dressing alike -- both rocked matching leather jackets and helmets. So cute!

Ben's ex-wife Jennifer Garner has been supportive of the relationship and is happy Ben found love once again. Jen even gave Ana her blessing and allowed her to spend time with the three children she shares with Ben. If there's one thing that can be said for Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner... they certainly do co-parenting the right way!